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Note: We disrupt the financial industry with the power of personal connection.

We connect you to send money for free

It’s super simple

If 2 people agree (1 Money sender in Germany, 1 Money sender in Kenya) they send money for free.

Step 1

Tell us to whom in which country you want to send your money.

Step 2

We connect you with somebody who want to send money the oposit direction. This is your Bindero

Step 3

You send the money to the receiver of your Bindero. This is a person living in the country where you are.

Step 4

Your receiver will get his money directly send from your Bindero. We protect the transaction with credit card deposits.

How you protect from fraud

Every transaction is protected with two credit card deposits. That means if you want to send money with us we block on your credit card the transaction amount until confirmation of successfull transaction. Of course we do the same with your Bindero

Bindero Paket


  • Its free of charge for your transactions.
  • We use the best available official exchange rate.
  • Once you love us you can register to send money frequent.
  • Full Bindero membership costs 1€ per month

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Why Bindero

Because its the cheapest option to send money international

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust you?

Its money, you should not trust you based on this webpage! You better ask around who have used our service so far and wait until somebody you really trust, confirms that he used us successfully.

How exactly do you make sure that the other person sends the money?

When you send money we ask you first to allow us to block a deposit on your credit card. We do the same thing with the other person, who want to send money (your Bindero). Only then we inform both of you via our secure channel to whom you send the money. Only once both receivers confirm that they have received the money we release the deposit block on the credit cards.

Why are you doing this business?

We started with the need of cheap money transaction from Germany to Kenya for our core plattform Urban Change Lab. We realized that all means of international money transaction are expensive. Thats how the journey started.

Where are you based?

We are based Habersaathstraße 31, Berlin, Germany right between the Federal Ministry of Economy and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Can I call you?

Yes, of course: +49 30 /55 122 98 -0

You - Four Humans - One Transaction

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